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Is the growth of smart cities in the UK more vital than ever post-pandemic?

July 30, 2020 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm

Smart city technology projects have been gaining traction in the UK in a drive towards greater connectivity and efficiency. What have been the great success stories in smart systems, and how has this technology aided local authorities during the pandemic? Can real-time data be harnessed to facilitate measures like traffic calming, crowd control, social distancing and reviving town centres? Is drone technology viable for the delivery of medicine and essentials such as food? How can smart cities technology help to protect places against a future pandemic, or other major challenges that cities and towns will face? What government policies or legislative approach will aid smart city projects? Privacy and digital security are ongoing concerns in the modern world: how do you win the trust of the public when wanting to gather data and use their information?


Trevor Dorling, Director at DG Cities, Digital Greenwich and Smart Cities lead at Royal Borough of Greenwich

Hannah Roden, Digital and innovation officer, Leeds City Council and Smart Leeds

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