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TVOA Webinar: Urban air mobility – the risks and opportunities for local authorities

December 3 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm

In 2013, 110 operators had permission to operate drones commercially in the UK; that rocketed to 4,530 by 2018. Drone sales are increasing by 60% each year. And as long as the remote pilot complies with CAA regulations, including flying below 400ft and staying away from restricted zones such as airports, then unmanned aircraft can fly wherever they like. But will they fly where you like?

In the first of three webinars, The Voice of Authority is going to examine the risks and rewards councils face from drones – or urban air mobility (UAM). Who decides that it is acceptable for unmanned aircraft to fly over the local primary school? Who determines that 60 flights an hour at night over my house is OK, when a parallel route would serve the flight equally well? And what are councils’ liabilities in the event of a crash? More positively: what is the potential for licensing “red routes”, providing rooftop charging points or repurposing car parks as local hubs at which to consolidate airborne deliveries?

This webinar will set out the legal position for councils; examine where different agencies’ responsibilities lie; quantify current UAM usage and immediate as well as longer-term growth trends; analyse infrastructure and sustainability implications; and show how one overseas and one UK local authority are making use of the technology, right now.

– Paul Curtis, associate director, Vectos GmbH
– Andrew Charlton, director general, Civic Air Transport Association (CIVATAglobal)
– Cllr Steve Pearce, cabinet member for waste, commercialisation and regulatory affairs, Bristol City Council
– Yvonne Hills, client director, Davitt Jones Bould
– Toby Fox, chair

Sponsors: Vectos and Davitt Jones Bould

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