NHS workers eligible for free tests at new Corona Test Centre

NHS workers can receive free tests for Covid-19 at the Corona Test Centre which has opened up in Hammersmith to help the government’s efforts in tackling the virus.

Doctors and nurses at the privately-run centre are able to check on up to 5,000 people a week if they suspect they have contracted Covid-19.

The antibody tests are said to meet government standards and produce 98% accurate results, with the head of Medical Sciences Division at Oxford University saying the tests “performed very well” in trials.

Entrepreneurs Edward Heywood and Lucas Foertsch co-founded the new test centre after seeing the government struggling to meet its 100,000 target of coronavirus tests.

They invested in a globally-certified ELISA diagnostic machine and recruited a team of medical professionals, offering free tests to NHS workers.

“There is equipment and lab capacity, however you have to be willing to pay for it upfront and Government processes and procedures have slowed its progress in rolling out an effective testing programme”, said Heywood.

“I have used every penny of my savings to fund all the required elements, from qualified staff and testing kits to PPE and our ELISA diagnostic machines in order that we can bring this test centre to the public as quickly as possible and help the Government in its efforts to control the pandemic and limit loss of life.”

Anyone tested will receive a certificate with their results within 24 hours, with clients able to register online and choose their appointment timeslot.

“We are committed to helping the Government in its efforts to get as many frontline NHS staff as possible back to work so that they can continue to help others through this virus”, added Foertsch. “In the process, we are taking on staff and premises which would otherwise be redundant in the current circumstances.”

Medical advisor Dr Nicholas Bush clients are recommended to wait at least two weeks after first showing symptoms before seeking a test.

The Hammersmith centre is adhering to two-metre social distancing regulations and clients will be checked by staff in PPE on arrival. The tests cost £175 and are free for NHS workers. To learn more head to: www.coronatestcentre.com